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[XML]  5MHz_6km_realtime-agg_fgdc.xml29-Jan-2020 16:1868193Surface Currents - 5MHz - MARACOOS Domain
[XML]  realtime_waves_13mhz_brmr_fgdc.xml29-Jan-2020 16:4739557Wave Height - 13MHz - Brigantine, NJ
[XML]  realtime_waves_13mhz_brnt_fgdc.xml29-Jan-2020 16:4739389Wave Height - 13MHz - Brant Beach, NJ
[XML]  realtime_waves_13mhz_cmpt_fgdc.xml29-Jan-2020 16:4739558Wave Height - 13MHz - Cape May Point, NJ
[XML]  realtime_waves_13mhz_seab_fgdc.xml29-Jan-2020 16:4739387Wave Height - 13MHz - Sea Bright, NJ
[XML]  realtime_waves_13mhz_sprk_fgdc.xml29-Jan-2020 16:4739585Wave Height - 13MHz - Seaside Park, NJ
[XML]  uscg_sldmb_drifters_fgdc.xml27-Jan-2020 20:1735343US Coast Guard SLDMB Drifter Data

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